Amazon is adding 30,000 jobs at its corporate offices and warehouses, and it’s holding hiring events in 6 cities to help fill the roles (AMZN)

Amazon said Monday that it's adding 30,000 jobs and planning to hold a career day on September 17 to help fill the roles.

The openings include roles at the company's headquarters, tech hubs, data centers, retail stores, and fulfillment centers, where Amazon workers pick and pack customer orders, Amazon said.

Positions include "entry-level roles at Amazon's fulfillment centers working with the latest robotics technology, software development engineers helping make Alexa smarter, or computer vision scientists building the technology behind Amazon Go," the company said in a release.

Amazon is holding hiring events on September 17 in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, Seattle, and Arlington, Virginia, which is the site of Amazon's second US headquarters.

Amazon recruiters will attend the events and provide more information on the roles available, the company said. Amazon will also provide information for people who want to publish a book, start selling on Amazon, or become a delivery service partner by launching a business delivering Amazon packages.

"Amazon has created more than 300,000 new jobs in the U.S. over the last decade – and we're proud to continue investing and creating opportunities for people across the country," Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in a statement. "These are jobs with highly competitive compensation and full-benefits from day one, as well as training opportunities to gain new skills in high-demand fields such as robotics and machine learning."

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