Amazon is holding a nationwide career fair to hire 30,000 permanent jobs — here’s what a similar event was like at an Amazon warehouse in 2017 (AMZN)

Back in 2017, Amazon hosted a colossal, nation-wide jobs fair it billed as the largest in the US.

In an effort to fill 50,000 warehouse jobs at the company, the online retail giant invited people across the county to tour 10 of its warehouses and apply for these jobs in person.

Business Insider attended the job fair at the warehouse in Robbinsville, New Jersey, where scores of prospective hires lined up to find work.

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On Monday, CNBC reported that the retail giant will once again be hiring thousands of people across its corporate, tech, and warehouse teams. Amazon reportedly plans to hire 30,000 people in permanent full-time and part-time rolls on September 17, in Arlington, Virginia, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, and Seattle.

Here's what we saw during Amazon Jobs Day at the Robbinsville warehouse back in 2017:

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