Apple’s rivals took 7 years to create their own version of one of the company’s simplest, best features — but it still has a ways to go (AAPL, MSFT)

Microsoft and Samsung announced that they're working together to bring text messaging to Windows 10 computers for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 users.

That's fantastic. The new Galaxy Note 10 has Microsoft's "Your Phone" feature built into the phone, ready to connect with your Microsoft account. Once you set it up, you can start sending and replying text messages from the Your Phone computer app on your Windows 10 machine.

It's something that Apple users have been used to for years now, and it's understandably a factor in why Apple fans don't want to leave the Apple ecosystem.

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But the Your Phone app isn't just compatible with the Galaxy Note 10: Microsoft released the app last year, and it's compatible with pretty much every Android phone out there. Just download the Your Phone app on your Android phone and Windows 10 computer and set it up.

Your Phone wasn't reliable when I first tried it last year, and I stopped using it pretty quickly as a result. But it's improved, and I now feel comfortable in using it on a daily basis.

Still, it's missing a few features, like text message management. You can't delete texts in the desktop Your Phone app, it's still a little buggy here and there, and you can't make calls from your Windows 10 computer yet.

Check out Microsoft's Your Phone app, which I've been using with a Google Pixel 3 XL:

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