‘Can you record on Roku?’: How to record shows and movies on Roku using premium streaming channels

Roku devices don't have any built-in recording capabilities. But that doesn't mean you can't record video that you watch on Roku channels, though.

While no Roku devices have digital video recorder (DVR) features or built-in storage, a number of Roku streaming channels do offer "cloud DVR" services, which means you can record movies and TV shows, store the content online, and watch them on-demand — in many cases, even programming from live television.

Here are the Roku streaming channels that include recording capabilities.

Check out the products mentioned in this article:

Roku Ultra (From $99.99 at Best Buy)

Sling TV (From $15 per month at Sling)

FuboTV (From $54.95 per month at FuboTV)

Hulu with Live TV (From $44.95 per month at Hulu)

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