Dana White banned BJ Penn from fighting in the UFC after recent footage showed him getting in a street fight

Dana White has banned BJ Penn from the UFC after footage emerged of him in a street fight in Hawai'i.

TMZ released two videos last week of the 40-year-old fighting outside a bar in Pahoa, one of which he can be seen punching a man in the head several times while pinning him to the ground.

Penn (16-14-2) was being touted to fight Nik Lentz later this year in what would have been his 29th fight inside the Octagon, but White says those plans have now been canceled.

"He won't fight again, that's it," White told ESPN. "That's a wrap. It's not even that this was the last straw. I didn't love him continuing to fight anyway, but with the relationship that he and I have — he gets me on the phone, begging me for another fight. It's hard to turn him down.

"After what I saw in that video, BJ needs to, you know, he needs to focus on his personal life before he thinks about fighting."

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The alleged incident is reported to have occurred at the Lava Shack bar, with a close friend of Penn's telling TMZ a man was "following [Penn] around and trying to bait him into a fight."

In one of the released videos, Penn can be seen being punched to the ground by a topless man after an exchange of words. In the other, apparently recorded after the first, he is seen wrestling the same man to the floor before repeatedly punching him in the head.

The videos of Penn fighting were just two in a spate of recent tapes released by TMZ showing UFC stars involved in violence outside of the cage.

Last month, TMZ released CCTV footage of Conor McGregor appearing to punch an older man in the face in a Dublin pub — an incident the Irish fighter has since apologised.

And only days ago, a video also emerged of another ex-UFC fighter, Melvin Guillard, knocking a man out while working as a bouncer at a bar in Denver, Colorado.

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