Erin Foster: Stepmom Katharine McPhee Is ‘Strong’ for Having ‘Adult Daughters’

Meet the Fosters. Erin Foster respects new stepmom for having five adult stepdaughters who are “older than her.”  

The New Normal writer, 37, talked about the age difference at the premiere of David Foster: Off the Record at the Toronto Film Festival on Monday, September 9. The film is a documentary about her father, , an acclaimed songwriter who has worked with singers including and . The 16-time in June after .  

“The truth is we really genuinely love Katharine,” Erin told Us Weekly exclusively at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto. “It takes a very strong, graceful person to come into a family as the fifth wife and have adult daughters who are older than her and do it in a way that really creates inclusion with the family, and she just does it effortlessly. She just makes it really easy for all of us to get along. So we’re very grateful for her.”

Erin Foster and Katharine McPhee Instagram Selfie

Erin and her sisters,

Sara Foster

, 38, and Jordan Foster, 32, are David’s daughters from his marriage marriage to model Rebecca Dyer from 1982 to 1986. She also has half-sisters Allison Jones Foster, 49, who David and his then-girlfriend placed for adoption when he was 20, and Amy S. Foster, 46, from the songwriter’s first marriage to singer B.J. Cook from 1972 to 1981, 

When asked if she’s ready for another sibling if her father and his new wife have a baby, Erin responded, “Anything that makes them happy, I’m happy with.”  

The season 5 American Idol runner-up is the music producer’s fifth wife. Along with Dyer and Cook, David was also married to actress from 1991 to 2005 and alum

Yolanda Hadid


As for her own love life, Erin, who got in August, revealed that she hasn’t started wedding planning yet.  

“We’re like so newly engaged that I haven’t even thought about it, but I want to plan a wedding,” she told Us, adding that she wants to marry “within a year.” 

Katharine McPhee, Erin Foster, David Foster, Amy Foster and Jordan Foster 44th Annual Toronto International Film Festival

The Barely Famous star also gushed over what makes her fiancé The One.

“It’s just so obvious, you know. He was The One, like, the second I met him,” she said. “I’ve never been happier. I’ve never been treated better, and I’ve never had more respect for someone. He’s just like my perfect person.” 

Though she doesn’t know much about her wedding, the Sub_Urban Riot designer is certain she wants to start a family soon. 

“I mean, I’m 37, so, you know, ticktock!” she said. 

With reporting by Diana Cooper

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