How to reset a Fitbit Blaze in less than 20 seconds to fix issues with the device

If you are having issues with your Fitbit Blaze, the easiest way to get the tracker working properly again is a simple restart.

Whether you're having trouble syncing your device with a phone or computer, or your Fitbit Blaze isn't responding quickly, a restart can refresh the device and should alleviate most common problems.

Unlike some Fitbit trackers, the Fitbit Blaze cannot be reverted to its factory settings, but deleting the device from your Fitbit account and erasing any messages associated with the device should wipe your data clean.

To restart and reset a Fitbit Blaze, follow these simple steps.

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How to reset your Fitbit Blaze

1. Press the left-hand button and right lower button simultaneously.

Hold down the indicated buttons to reset your Fitbit Blaze.


2. Hold the buttons for 10 to 12 seconds.

3. Wait until the Fitbit logo displays on the screen (the tracker will likely vibrate as well).

4. Release the buttons.

Your Fitbit Blaze has now restarted and should work properly again. If you still have problems with the device, contact Fitbit's customer support team directly, as there is no other fix available on the user end.

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