Netflix is aggressively denying reports that it’s shifting its TV release strategy toward a weekly schedule

Netflix is aggressively pushing back on reports that it plans to change how it releases its TV shows.

Multiple publications — including Complex, IGN, Comic Book, and Barstool Sports— wrote this week that Netflix was shifting its TV strategy, and preparing to release episodes weekly for more of its shows (like traditional TV and other streamers such as Hulu) instead of dropping an entire TV season at once.

Netflix went on the offensive on Twitter to say it had no plans to change the binge-friendly model it pioneered and that the weekly release of some titles "isn't new."

"The weekly release of licensed titles (like Great British Baking Show) isn't new and in hopes of keeping Rhythm + Flow's winner a surprise, we're trying something new! but not happening with more shows than that," Netflix responded at Complex Pop Culture, which tweeted out a story with the headline "Multiple Netflix Series Will Now Drop Episodes Weekly Instead of All at Once."

It's true that Netflix already uses a staggered release strategy for a few shows, such as variety and competition programs. The reports suggest that it will expand this to its scripted originals, but Netflix said this isn't the case.

One Twitter user tweeted, "Say it ain't so! I love binging, and typically wait for week to week shows finish each season so I can binge them. You don't need to change." Netflix responded with, "it aint so."

Below are the examples we found of Netflix responding to reports on Twitter:

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