New analysis shows the international Netflix markets with the most potential for original TV and movie investment

As Netflix seeks to grow its international presence and global subscriber base, it's likely to invest in more in local productions — especially in markets that have seen recent subscriber gains.

Netflix produces little content in some of its most important markets, and a new study from Ampere Analysis has predicted which of those the streaming giant will invest in going forward. The study, published Thursday, looked at the top 30 Netflix markets based on how many subscribers they have and how many Netflix originals are produced there.

The UK leads as Netflix's biggest international territory with 11.5 million subscribers and 78 productions. The streaming giant has built up an impressive library of British shows and snatched up the streaming rights to multiple UK productions, such as "Bodyguard" and "The Last Kingdom."

But Australia, Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands have the most potential for growth, according to Ampere.

Ampere's report said that these four territories "display the characteristics of underweight markets" and that the "size of the streaming audience in Australia makes it an ideal target for local investment."

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Australia has 4.5 million Netflix subscribers, but just 12 productions, according to Ampere. Germany has over 8 million subscribers and 23 productions; nearly 3 million subscribers and three productions are in the Netherlands; and 1 million subscribers and 1 production are in Poland.

"Although existing demand is met with English-language originals, productions with a home-baked Australian flavour will pay dividends in a market with strong SVoD penetration, especially in the light of Disney's D2C imminent launch here," Ampere said of Australia in the report.

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Disney announced last month that it will launch its upcoming streaming platform, Disney Plus, in Australia (as well as New Zealand) on November 19. It launches in the Netherlands (as well as Canada) on November 12, the same day as its US launch.

Switzerland, Finland, and Portugal have no local Netflix productions, and Ampere said they are "smaller markets worthy of joining Belgium" in getting one. Netflix's "Narcos" producer is developing the first Belgian original, "Into the Night."

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