The best cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus you can buy

If you often bump, jostle, and drop your phone, you need a rugged case from Otterbox.

If you're anything like me, your phone is probably dropped several times a day.

Otterbox sells a range of cases to protect the Note 10 from serious wear and tear. The $59 Defender series (shown above) is the company's flagship offering. With two parts — a hard-plastic inner shell and an exterior rubber cover — your Note 10 will likely survive any drop.

For $49.95, Otterbox also offers the Symmetry series, a thinner one-part case with more color options. You won't get quite as much drop-protection as you would with a two-part case like the Defender series, but it looks nicer and is a bit easier to slip on and off.

Finally, for $39.95, you can try the Commuter Series, a thin, pared-down version of the Defender.

Pros: Durable, comes with a holster, several style and color options

Cons: Bulky, some are a pain to take on and off, expensive

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