The Home Depot is giving away a free Google Nest Hub when you buy a Nest Hello security camera

Looking to set up a smart home? The Home Depot is offering a bundle that will help get you started. If you by a Nest Hello Video Doorbell for $229, you'll also get a free Google Nest Hub (normally $129).

Home Depot offered this exact bundle just a month ago, but it was a bit of a pain; you had to add each device to your cart individually for the discount to kick in. This time, the two devices are listed as a single item with a $129 discount (the price of the Nest Hub), and one click drops them both into your cart.

The Nest Hello is one of the best video doorbells you can buy. You can view its live feed from your phone, computer, or smart display, and you'll get a notification when someone's at your door. It has some advanced capabilities as well, including an optional facial-recognition feature that lets you know who's at the door if it's someone you know.

The Google Nest Hub (formerly the Google Home Hub) is a Google Assistant-powered smart display with some nifty features. It sports a decent LCD screen that can display videos, photos, recipes, directions, and other visual elements. Plus, you can use it to control Google-compatible smart home devices and can view the live feed from your Nest Hello on its screen.

If you're trying to start up a smart home, or you're an enthusiast who doesn't yet have these devices, you won't want to miss this deal.

Get a free Google Nest Hub with the purchase of a Nest Hello Video Doorbell from The Home Depot [You save $129]

Update 09/09/2019: Home Depot is, again, offering the Nest Hello/Nest Hub bundle that it previously sold Aug. 9.

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