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10 things in tech you need to know today

10 things in tech you need to know today

Walgreens Boots Alliance CEO Roz Brewer, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook

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1. From Facebook to Apple, here’s how corporate America responded to Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict. After the ex-cop was found guilty of murdering George Floyd, Big Tech’s CEOs posted on social media and sent internal memos to employees. This is what some of the top execs said.

2. Microsoft research shows back-to-back virtual meetings make you stressed, but there’s a cure. Researchers found that taking mini breaks can help your brain reset in between long stretches of video meetings. How breaks serve as the antidote to meeting fatigue.

3. A leaked memo shows how Amazon forces out employees each year. Amazon strives to get rid of about 6% of its employees every year — voluntarily or otherwise. An internal memo sheds light on one of the company’s strategies for pushing them out. Read the details here.

4. Some Whole Foods customers can now pay with a palm print. Amazon installed hand scanners in seven Seattle grocery stores that will allow shoppers to pay with their palm. Here’s how they work.

5. Suspected Chinese agents have been hacking US government agencies for months, a report said. The FireEye cybersecurity firm said Pulse Secure VPN has been compromised since June 2020, and that “defense, government, and financial organizations around the world” were affected. Here’s what you need to know.

6. Hackers say they stole Apple product blueprints — and are now demanding $50 million. A ransomware group says it stole Macbook schematics, and is demanding that Apple pay a ransom to get them back. Get the full rundown.

7. A top fintech analyst for Cathie Wood found Venmo is the “least competitive” crypto trading app. After comparing key features of Cash App, Venmo, and Coinbase, the analyst said Venmo — which just added crypto trading — is the least appealing app. Here’s why.

8. Tesla’s top lawyer has left the company for a 26-year-old billionaire’s self-driving startup. Alan Prescott left Elon Musk’s company to lead Luminar Technologies’ legal team. More on that here.

9. Health startup Kry is closing in on a funding round that will push its valuation to $2 billion. The Swedish startup, which facilitates video consultations for patients through its app and is one of Europe’s biggest telehealth providers, is set to raise between $240 million to $300 million from investors. A look at what else we know.

10. These are the five most revelatory findings about Texas’ antitrust fight against Google. The allegations delve into Google’s platforms for advertisers and publishers, as well as its secret “Project Bernanke” and “Jedi Blue” deal with Facebook. See the five most important takeaways.

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