11 new features coming to your iPad on Tuesday that will make it much better at replacing your laptop (AAPL)

Although the iPad isn't meant to be a complete replacement for your laptop, Apple's tablet has slowly become a more viable productivity tool in recent years. That's truer than ever with iPadOS, the new software update Apple will be launching for the iPad on Tuesday.

It marks the first time Apple has separated its iPad software from its iPhone operating system, a move that further distinguishes the two products from one another. It's a sensible move — now that smartphones generally have much larger screens today than they did when the original iPad launched in 2010, people are using their phones for some of the tasks they may have turned to a tablet for in the past.

As such, companies like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and others have been positioning their tablets as productivity-oriented devices that offer larger screens than smartphones and better portability than laptops. The iPadOS update will provide new features that are critical in boosting the iPad's performance in this role as a work device.

The new iPadOS will be compatible with 11 iPad models, ranging from the iPad Air to the iPad Pro.

From new copy and paste gestures to improved multitasking, here are our favorite new features coming to the iPad on Tuesday.

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