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25 photos of some of the most adorable and well-known dogs to live in the White House

Dogs have been the most popular pet for a president to have during his time in the White House — 30 of the 44 presidents have had at least one dog in the West Wing.

The first to have had a dog during his presidency was George Washington, while Barack Obama most recently had two dogs during his presidency.

So far, President Donald Trump has yet to have a pet since entering the White House, and shows no sign of changing his pet ownership status, making him the most recent president to not have a dog in the White House since William McKinley over 100 years ago.

But daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump got her daughter Arabella a puppy named Winter for her eighth birthday. While Winter won't live in the White House, the newest member of the Kushner family is the first dog for this first family:


In October, Trump also tweeted two photos of the hero military dog that helped take down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, including a crudely edited photo of him giving the dog (reportedly named Conan) a medal of honor. But he has yet to get a dog as a pet.

Here are 25 photos of some of the most adorable and well-known canines to grace the Oval Office.