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5 major ways Silicon Valley has changed in the past 10 years

Ten years ago seems like a really long time when you think in terms of technology.

Back in 2010, Apple launched the iPad, the iPhone 4 hadn't been released yet, Netflix had only just started its streaming feature — the term "binge-watching" was yet to be coined — and "The Social Network" depicted Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as a villain, something some people still think is true today.

2010 also was one year after the end of a brutal recession. Silicon Valley began seeing growth a lot sooner than other parts of the country, but that growth was hardly managed properly.

A lot has changed along Sand Hill Road in the past few years. Billions of dollars have flooded in to Silicon Valley, making some millionaires and other homeless, while apps like Uber have procured enough bandwidth to impact transportation nationwide. And as the population continues to swell, albeit slowly, the housing market struggles to keep up even to pre-tech boom levels.

Here is what Silicon Valley was like in 2010, and how it's changed.