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90 Day’s Larissa Shares Alleged Texts From Corey: He Was ‘Begging’ for a Kiss

90 Day’s Larissa Shares Alleged Texts From Corey: He Was ‘Begging’ for a Kiss

Larissa, 33, discussed the drama in a lengthy note posted to her Instagram Stories on Thursday, October 3, before uploading screenshots of texts Corey had purportedly sent. “Ok Evelin, I did not want to expose this, but one you are going too low again and still talking about me, here are some facts,” she wrote.

“How about the time he came to Ecuador and caught you talking to your ex exchanging nudes and remembering the time you guys had sex on his bed,” Larissa added. “He told me about everything dear!!!” (On Instagram, Evelin asserted she “never cheated” on Corey and “he knows that.”)

Larissa went on: “And it is funny he [sic] telling you I look like Michael Jackson when he was begging me last night for a kiss but in fact I thought he was too small for me and definitely he is not my type.”

Plus, the Brazil native claimed that Evelin is “pretending” she doesn’t want to live in the United States and was actually deported for working illegally as a babysitter. “For how much long [sic] do you want to lie to your fans?”

Amid the drama, Corey claimed he and Larissa are just friends and waxed romantic over Evelin. “Evelin I love you from the bottom of my heart,” he wrote on Thursday. “I always will! You are the world’s most beautiful and amazing women [sic] I could ever ask for.”

The drama had escalated earlier in the day when Larissa posted a selfie with Corey on Instagram. “Look who I found here in Las Vegas,” she wrote. “#Thankyounext #coreyandlarissa #baealert.”

Evelin discussed Corey’s meetup with Larissa in an Instagram Live video that same day. “Corey is hanging out with Larissa right now, as all of you can see. It makes me a little upset and I’ll explain why,” she said. “Because it’s not that he is just hanging out with a cast member. That’s a date, basically. It’s messed up.”

“It’s cool. I love Larissa; I always did. I still like her,” the Ecuadorean reality star revealed. “But the problem is she’s making fun of it. She’s a friggen whore. Because women don’t do that to other women.”

Evelin continued: “She should be more respectful toward other women. She’s making fun of somebody else, of a man who is supposed to be taken. … Does she think about my feelings? Corey is losing it with this show. I don’t even know who he is anymore.”

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