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A football coach had a great response when a reporter asked if his team’s win was ‘better than sex’

Sometimes a face can say a thousand words.

Bristol City manager Lee Johnson's certainly did after he was asked a bizarre question by a reporter on Wednesday nightt — if his side's victory was "better than sex."

City had just beaten Charlton Athletic 2-1 at Ashton Gate thanks to a 98th minute winner when Johnson was being questioned by a reporter about the game.

"That was a good feeling, because I was really down after the Luton game," said Johnson, referencing his side's recent 3-0 defeat to Luton Town. "But to finish [the match] like that, it makes me really really excited for the future and proud of the players."

The reporter then said: "Speaking of excitement, better than… sex?"

Johnson said nothing, instead turning the camera and simply raising his eyebrow, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson style, producing a perfectly timed moment of comedy gold.

You can see Johnson's response here:

Johnson is not the only coach to be asked if something was "better than sex" by a reporter.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola was posed the same question in November 2018, after reports that his former player at FC Barcelona, Dani Alves, had once compared his coaching techniques to what happens between the sheets.

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"Hi Pep. Dani Alves has said you were his best ever coach, and to quote him, he said it was 'better than sex.' I'm just wondering what you thought of that?" a reporter asked the Spaniard during a post-match press conference.

"I prefer the sex – by far!" Guardiola replied.

Watch Guardiola's interview here:

Bristol City's win over Charlton saw it move into fourth place in the English Football League Championship.

Lee Johnson's side next take on Wigan Athletic on Sunday October 27.

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