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A Girl’s Trip: Tiffany Haddish’s Unbelievable Journey to Stardom

A Girl’s Trip: Tiffany Haddish’s Unbelievable Journey to Stardom

“I would tell a young Tiffany to figure out what it is you love, do that every single day and you will always make money. Don't doubt yourself… Never ever doubt it,” Haddish told E! News in January 2018. And while it would seem as if that's exactly what young Tiffany did, she knows now that it would've been nice to know then that she didn't need to waste her energy on people who were intent on keeping her down.

“I love to make people laugh and I'm making a living out of it,” she continued. “I remember being a little girl and people telling me, 'Oh, you can't make any money doing that. You need to figure out something else to do and get a real job.' And look at me now. I'm doing exactly what I love to do and I'm making a great living from it.”

She's come a long way from Kevin Hart, whom she met at the Laugh Factory, giving her $300 to get a hotel room when he found out she was living in her car. “But it's crazy, because the next day I got a phone call and was offered an apartment,” Haddish told Vanity Fair. “I go look at it, and it's like the most raggediest apartment you could ever imagine, it was just nasty and disgusting, roaches everywhere, cigarette stains in the carpet, the walls are all yellow from whatever, whoever was living there before smoking so much. It was just disgusting. The stove was full of roaches and the refrigerator was broken. It was all bad. The guy was like, 'It's $550 a month,' and I was like, 'It's perfect! I'll take it!'”

Hart also got Haddish her first big TV role, on his sitcom Real Husbands of Hollywood, so he obviously believed in her. (She tried to pay him back the $300 when they made Night School, but Hart refused. “He's like, 'I don't want your money. Just know your lines and be good in this damn movie.'”)