A Guide to the Surplus of Drama That Has Sprung From Deadliest Catch

It makes sense that a show about the dangerous-as-hell business of deep-sea crab fishing would provide for some of the most fraught moments reality TV has ever had to offer.

These fishermen put their lives at risk every time they head out to mine the depths of the ocean for Alaskan king crab and other crustacean delicacies that consumers get to enjoy thanks to their blood, sweat and, more often than you might think, tears.

In turn, Deadliest Catch has won 16 Emmys, including two for Best Unstructured Reality Program (a rare assignation if there ever was one), spawned books and video games, and remains a must-watch for millions after 14 years on Discovery Channel.

But perhaps because of the very nature of the job at hand, the drama over 15 seasons hasn't been confined to the adventures unfolding at sea.

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