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A jewelry designer created earrings that hold AirPods in place because she kept losing them while working from home — take a look

A jewelry designer created earrings that hold AirPods in place because she kept losing them while working from home — take a look

Misho AirPod earrings

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Suhani Parekh had Apple AirPods for a while, but she didn’t find herself using them much.

“They would always slip out of my ears – I was often afraid that the AirPod would simply pop [out] and I would end up losing it,” the creative director of Misho Designs told Business Insider in an email interview.

Then, while stuck at home because of COVID-19, “life suddenly became so much more digital,” she said. ” I was always on the phone, on video calls, on Zoom meetings, and like a lot of us I decided to get cracking on those long overdue workouts.”

Reaching for her AirPods throughout the day inspired the idea: earrings that not only complement AirPods but also hold them in place.

The AirPod accessory market has become popular for third parties looking to cash in on the ever-popular headphones. Apple sold 60 million pairs of them in 2019 according to analyst estimates.

With the product in so many customer’s hands, there’s a strong potential market for accessories like Misho’s earrings.

Take a look at the design.

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Having issues with AirPods’ fit is relatively common because the tips are a plastic shell, rather than the rubber tips of the AirPods Pro and other wireless earbuds on the market.

Source: Business Insider

AirPods Pro do have more fit options with different-sized rubber tips, but they cost $100 more than regular AirPods. The earrings are designed to fit standard AirPods. The concept for the design was to create a seamless look, with earrings that both looked interesting and supported AirPods, catching them if they slipped out. Taking AirPods in and out had to be easy because most people don’t wear them constantly throughout the day. For the same reason, they also had to look good without wearing AirPods, so they could function on their own as regular earrings. “I believe the most successful pieces of design are those that combine form, function, and aesthetics,” Parekh told Business Insider. The earrings come in three designs. Pebble Pods are sculptural and wrap around the AirPods.

Pebble Pods

They come in white gold or 22K gold gloss and can be preordered for $121.09. The Minimal/Active Tall Pods are chic and simple.

Minimal/Active Tall Pods

They come in white gold and gold gloss and can be preordered for $74.83. Finally, Minimal/Active Tiny Pods are the simplest choice. They also come in gold gloss and white gold, for $67.35.

Minimal/Active Tiny Pods

“Jewelry is so incredibly personal and in a way so are these devices that have become inextricable from our lives, like the jewelry we wear, your phone or your headphones — they’ve become a second skin,” Parekh said.