A Meet-Cute, Separate Coasts and Lots of Sex: Inside Ashley Graham’s Spicy Marriage

Insert sweet speech here.

"He told me how I was his best friend, how he wanted to do life with me, how he's never met anyone like me," she recalled to BAZAAR Bride this summer. "And then he pulled a ring out, and said 'Will you marry me?'"

At first she was convinced it was fake, she admitted to The Knot, "And next thing you know… I started screaming at the top of my lungs in the middle of Park Slope and people were like, 'What is going on?' The neighbor goes up and gets us a bottle of champagne, it was very exciting."

Because a year into dating, she was confident this was her guy.

"What was different about him was he was consistent. I think consistency is really hard to find in people, in general, and then to find it in a man who is pursuing you? It's like, 'Wow, I never had that before,'" she explained. "We obviously had the same traditions and upbringings and beliefs. We made each other laugh. I kept telling him, 'I'm not tired of you, I'm not tired of being around you.' He was always shocked by that, because I always would get really bored with guys. He was just so different. The difference in him and his consistency were what really got me."

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