A new Tesla service center got shut down after it reportedly failed to get a building inspection (TSLA)

A new Tesla service center in Henrietta, New York, was shut down by the city's building inspector after failing to get an inspection, the ABC News affiliate WHAM-TV reported.

The service center reportedly opened on Wednesday morning but was closed by Henrietta's building inspector that afternoon. It will be able to reopen once it gets the necessary authorizations from the city's government, according to WHAM's report.

"They have to get a number of inspections and make sure they provide certification that they've done the various safety courses, things like that," Henrietta town supervisor Steve Shultz told WHAM.

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While Tesla has a permit to operate a service center in the building, it needs to receive approval for its fire-suppression system, WHAM reported.

"They were approved for car service as long as they don't deviate from what they were previously approved," Schultz told WHAM.

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Tesla, Shultz, and Henrietta's building and fire prevention department did not immediately respond to Business Insider's requests for comment.

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