A video game industry recruiter shares her top tips for how anyone can break into the rapidly growing business

Video games make up a hundred-billion-dollar industry that's rapidly growing to meet the demands of millions of players worldwide, and that means that gaming companies are constantly recruiting employees for new projects.

Helen Jönsson is a recruiter for Massive Entertainment, a Swedish video game development studio owned by Ubisoft, one of the largest publishers in the world. In a recent blog post, Jönsson answered some common questions asked by people who want to join the video game industry, and gave advice on how aspiring developers can break through and find their first job.

Massive is responsible for the hit series "Tom Clancy's The Division" and has worked on popular Ubisoft franchises like "Assassin's Creed" and "Far Cry." While these games demand a ton of technical know-how to create, development studios require a full team to handle non-creative roles like marketing, human resources, and finances.

Jönsson said that Massive is looking for people who ambition and passion for gaming, even if they don't have direct experience working within the industry. People who have experience in business-oriented roles like sales and account management can still find places to apply their skills with large video game companies.

Here are Jönsson's biggest takeaways.

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