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‘Abominable’ wins the box office with a solid $21 million opening (CMCSA)

‘Abominable’ wins the box office with a solid $21 million opening (CMCSA)

Universal's DreamWorks Animation has teamed up with Chinese production company Pearl Studios to release the animated movie "Abominable," and the companies are cashing in on the collaboration.

The cute tale of a magical yeti who with the help of a group of kids finds his way back home brought in $20.85 million domestically this weekend to win the box office. It has earned $10.2 million internationally.

The win for Universal marks the seventh for the studio in 2019, that breaks a tie with Disney for the most number one movies at the domestic box office (eight if you count the Focus Features win last weekend for "Downton Abbey," which is owned by Universal). It's also the third original film by Universal this year to top the domestic box office (the other two were "Good Boys" and "Us.")

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This marks the first time DreamWorks has opened a movie in September, and it chose the right time to do it. With no other kid-focused titles in theaters (outside of "The Lion King," which has been in multiplexes since July), "Abominable" had no trouble finding its audience. And with a family-focused story set in Shanghai (plus many of the actors hired to do the voices being Asian), it checked all the boxes in delivering a culturally diverse property to audiences.

The motivation to go to theaters next week will be quite different when Warner Bros. releases the ultra-violent "Joker."