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Airbnb is letting people book trips with Instagram-famous pets like Pickles the Pig, Nala Cat, and Penni Dog

With 4.2 million followers, Nala is described as one of the most Instagram-famous cats, and now, Airbnb guests can meet her along with other online animal sensations.

Airbnb launched its Experiences in 2016 as a way for guests to explore new places with locals, and it just expanded those options to animals.

The Animal Experiences option includes over 1,000 trips with more than 300 species. People hosting these experiences have to comply with Airbnb's animal welfare policy, head of Animal Experiences Mikel Freemon told Business Insider.

Airbnb worked with The Dodo, a Group Nine Media brand that tells stories about animals and has shown dedication to animal welfare, to design 50 of the experiences.

'It's like meeting a celebrity': The Dodo teams up with the stars of their viral videos to curate Animal Experiences

The Dodo helped Airbnb put together activities that are both enjoyable for guests and humane for the animals, Dodo president YuJung Kim said.

"Nala is objectively the most famous cat on Instagram, and so many fans, not only of The Dodo but of Nala, are dying to meet her and see her in her element. It's like meeting a celebrity in a sense," Kim said. "The problem is that cats, even Nala, aren't really social creatures."

It wasn't easy, though, since cats tend to be indoor creatures. In the case of Nala, her owner came up with the idea of having guests visit Nala's kitchen, the California factory where her cat food line called Love, Nala is made. Guests can meet Nala, watch her sample her pet food, get selfies of her and take home gift bags for their own cats.

Penni Dog, the pitbull who stars in The Dodo series "Pittie Nation" and has over 47,000 followers on Instagram, presented the opposite problem: A former rescue dog, she prefers outdoor activities like rock climbing and ziplining, so the solution was to offer Airbnb guests a hike to one of her favorite hot springs in Nevada.

"When her human dad adopted her she was very scared," Kim said. "She had been through a lot and was generally very introverted and very skittish, so as a way of making her feel more confident they started going on hikes together."

Other Dodo-designed Animal Experiences for Airbnb are a picnic with pig and dog duo Pickles and Dill who have 100,000 Instagram followers; a safari with cow Brianna who once survived a fall from a transport truck while pregnant; and a day filled with nine rescue dogs inspired by The Dodo series "Ruff Life with Lee Asher."

Kim said The Dodo planned to roll out the rest of the experiences based on its most popular animal franchises. Airbnb contributes its planning expertise, and the companies share revenue from the trips.