Alibaba cofounder Jack Ma — the richest man in China — once starred in a kung fu movie his company produced. Here are 6 of his most extravagant moments.

Jack Ma is "the most flamboyant tech founder on the planet," Business Insider's Sinead Baker recently wrote.

To celebrate the end of his 20 years leading the online marketplace, Ma celebrated his retirement with a 60,000-person retirement party in an Olympic-sized stadium.

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The days of seeing one of Alibaba's top executives act in a film and officiate weddings may be over, however. Ma's successor, Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang, keeps such a low profile that an employee's parent once mistook him for a janitor in Alibaba's headquarters, according to Bloomberg.

Keep reading to learn more about the most extravagant moments of Jack Ma's time at Alibaba.

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