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Alison Brie Defends Co-Star Carey Mulligan From “Inappropriate” Critic

Alison Brie Defends Co-Star Carey Mulligan From “Inappropriate” Critic

GLOW alum Alison Brie has got some fighting words in defense of her co-star Carey Mulligan.

In December, Mulligan told The New York Times she “took issue” with Variety journalist Dennis Harvey‘s review of the actresses’ new crime thriller film Promising Young Woman that had critiqued her appearance and implied she was miscast. Variety has since issued a formal apology to the British star, who is nominated for a 2021 Oscar for her leading role, for the “insensitive language and insinuation” in the review and said the article “minimized” Mulligan’s “daring performance.” Harvey has denied allegations of misogyny.

“It was pretty egregious,” Brie told Insider of the review, in comments posted on Friday, April 16. “I felt really proud of Cary for speaking up about it because that idea is terrifying. To criticize the critics who are going to continue to critique your work for the rest of your career is a daunting idea.”