All the unusual investments WeWork’s CEO has made, from a medical marijuana provider to a wave pool maker

Adam Neumann's position as CEO of WeWork may be in jeopardy, but it's not like the 40-year-old cofounder is without a number of other personal interests and passion projects he could gravitate to instead.

WeWork long ago moved away from its all-in focus on coworking space: Its spin-off businesses under the We Company umbrella range from workout studios to private elementary schools. But in the near-decade since Neumann cofounded WeWork, the CEO has invested millions of his company's money and of his personal funds to pursue his wide berth of interests.

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Neumann's complex web of personal connections within WeWork have been criticized and raised concerns about conflicts of interest. His leadership style, and a recent report detailing his drug and alcohol use, have made investors question whether Neumann should remain CEO. WeWork's board of directors is reportedly meeting this week to discuss Neumann's role at the company as WeWork tries to salvage its plans to eventually go public.

Here's what we know about the eccentric investments WeWork CEO Adam Neumann has made, from artificial wave technology to superfood coffee drinks:

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