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Amanda Kloots Honors Her Late Husband Nick Cordero With Memorial Post Following His Passing From COVID-19

Amanda Kloots Honors Her Late Husband Nick Cordero With Memorial Post Following His Passing From COVID-19

On Saturday, Amanda Kloots shared a memorial for her late husband, Nick Cordero, after it was reported that he died from coronavirus complications. On her Instagram today, Kloots told her fans and followers that she and her family and friends held a small memorial for Nick.

Amanda said Nick would’ve wanted her to celebrate his life with old stories, laughs, and positive memories. She added that he would’ve loved it. This past Sunday, Kloots confirmed the news that her husband, Cordero, died after several months of battling against the coronavirus.

He was 41-years-old. According to multiple reports, the Broadway and Hollywood community commemorated the late actor who previously worked on productions such as Rock of Ages and Waitress. This Tuesday, Kloots thanked her fans and followers for continuing to offer their support during such a difficult time.

Followers of the case know that Amanda and Nick’s struggle was intense. For instance, following his hospitalization for what doctors initially thought was pneumonia, they had to install a temporary pacemaker and also take off one of his limbs due to complications from blood-clotting medication.

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We had a small memorial yesterday with close family and friends. I said, “Nick would have wanted this to be a celebration. Let’s try to laugh, share great stories and sing for him and to his memory.” He would have loved it. It was beautiful and perfect. His spirit was definitely there. We listened to the song, I’m Here, from The Color Purple. Nick and I saw this show on Broadway years ago and we left the theater in tears, speechless. As it was being played last night the lyrics in the second half of the song hit me hard. Truly, I am scared. Scared of my new normal, of the pain, the loss and being strong enough to get through it. But, I know Nick is up above routing for me, believing in me and hoping for me. He wants me to LIVE this new life and he wants me to be the best version of myself for our son. I promised him in the hospital that I would try to do that. So, when I heard these lyrics yesterday I thought, “Ok. When I’m doubting if I can get through this, I’m playing this song. It will be my motto.” This is a long journey ahead and a down road I never thought I’d be on. No one can tell me how to do it, I have to do it. I may do things right, I may do them wrong. There isn’t a perfect way. One day, one step at a time. I have faith that God is leading the way and that Nick is our angel. In case you don’t know this song and are also in need of a motto, here are the lyrics. Do yourself a favor by listening to @cynthiaerivo sing it. “I'm gonna take a deep breath. Gonna hold my head up. Gonna put my shoulders back, And look you straight in the eye. I'm gonna flirt with somebody When they walk by. I'm gonna sing out . . . Sing out. I believe I have inside of me Everything that I need to live a bountiful life. With all the love alive in me I'll stand as tall as the tallest tree. And i'm Thankful for everyday that i'm given, Both the easy and hard ones i'm livin'. But most of all I'm thankful for Loving who I really am. I'm beautiful. Yes, I’m beautiful, And I’m here.”

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Kloots shared on her account that medical professionals told her the only way to keep Nick alive at the time was to take off one of his limbs so the blood had less tissue to flow through, that way his heart could continue beating.

Ever since he was hospitalized, Amanda kept her spirits up by updating her fans on his fight with COVID-19. At one point, she claims she was told to say “goodbye” to Nick because he had a very small chance of making it out alive.

Kloots said she was holding out hope as much as she could every day. Amid his struggle against the contagious virus, Amanda also celebrated the birthday of her and Nick’s son, Elvis, who just became a one-year-old this year.

The fitness instructor said it was so sad that Elvis’ father wasn’t able to see their child have his monumental birthday.