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Amazon employees will protest outside of Jeff Bezos’ $80 million New York City penthouse on Cyber Monday (AMZN)

Amazon warehouse employees and local activists plan to protest outside of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' $80 million New York City penthouse on Monday.

Protest organizers say the Amazon workers are protesting against harsh working conditions and Amazon's detrimental impact on the environment and local communities. A group of employees rallied at Amazon's Staten Island warehouse last week, and on Monday, protesters will march about half a mile through midtown Manhattan to Bezos' 5th Avenue penthouse.

The protest coincides with Cyber Monday, one of biggest sales days of the year for the massive online retailer.

“The march will shine a light on the fact that every click on Amazon translates to more workers getting hurt on the job and more pollution in our local communities,” Alliance for a Greater New York (ALIGN), one of the groups organizing the protest, said in a statement. “The millions of clicks Amazon sees on Cyber Monday translate to more climate emissions and more surveillance power at the disposal of ICE and local police departments.”

Amazon did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.

Amazon dramatically altered plans to build a second headquarters, HQ2, in the New York City borough Queens last year after protesters and local politicians rallied against the deal. The company announced that it would expand its corporate offices and warehouses in New York City with several smaller projects and build new facilities in Arlington, Virginia, instead of the original HQ2 project planned for Long Island City, Queens.

Earlier this year, Business Insider spoke with 30 current and former Amazon employees who called their working conditions “brutal” and described the physical and emotional toll that came with working in Amazon's warehouses. One former warehouse employee said the company made workers feel disposable.

Amazon continues to receive criticism for its treatment of warehouse and delivery employees, the company's state and federal tax breaks, and the environmental impact of running its global retail and web services business.