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Amazon Prime Day will reportedly be in June instead of July to give the company a second-quarter boost (AMZN)

Amazon Prime Day will reportedly be in June instead of July to give the company a second-quarter boost (AMZN)

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Amazon is holding its Prime Day shopping event in June this year, a departure from the company’s decision to host it in July over the years, Recode reports.

Amazon pushed its 2020 July Prime Day event to October last year due to pandemic-driven logistical issues. Before last year, the company’s biggest shopping event had been held in July since its inception in 2015.

A source told Recode that Amazon may have pushed 2021’s Prime Day up a month to boost its second-quarter financial reporting since June falls in Q2 and July in Q3. Doing so could help the company show investors greater growth from Q2 2020 to Q2 2021.

In a statement to Insider, an Amazon spokesperson said, “we have not made any announcements about Prime Day.”

Insider’s Eugene Kim reported in March that Amazon sent emails to sellers inviting them to join 2021’s Prime Day.

Amazon enjoyed surging business during the pandemic, when customers were driven into their homes and resorted to online shopping. In its Q2 2020 earnings, the company reported $45.8 billion in global online store net sales, compared to $45.7 billion made in the 2019 holiday season just months prior.

Sources told Recode that the company has also discussed creating another shopping holiday in the fall in addition to Prime Day in the summer.

With Prime Day held in the fourth quarter of last year, coupled with what is always a busy holiday season for Amazon, the company surpassed $100 billion in revenue for the first time in history in Q4 2020.

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Amazon kicked off its Prime Day holiday in 2015 to entice people to purchase Prime memberships and bolster spending among existing customers. It typically refers to Prime Day as its biggest shopping day of the year, with sales surpassing that of Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

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