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Amazon workers voted and refused to have a union in the company.

Amazon workers voted and refused to have a union in the company.

The scrutiny was done in Alabama and was a serious blow to unionists who believed they had the support of employees. The company hired 1,400 people per day in 2020

Amazon employees said “no” to union attempts to join the company that created 1,200,000 jobs in recent years. According to data from the historic elections that took place in Alabama, the workers rejected the idea of ​​having a union within the company, where those who are part of that firm had to decide if they wanted to be members of the Retail Union. Wholesalers and department stores. The response was overwhelming.

The vote count to decide whether to create the first Amazon employee union in the United States turned out to be very contrary to the interests of the unionists, with the “no” exceeding the “yes” by a vast difference, according to information from the newspaper. The Wall Street Journal. The decision of the employees was a severe blow to the interests of the union leadership.

With approximately 72% of the votes counted, the numbers are already insurmountable for unionists who see losing a battle that they wielded as fundamental to defeat Jeff Bezos’ company that employs hundreds of thousands of people. To win, both the “yes” and “no” had to reach 1,608 votes, which would mean exceeding 50% of the 3,215 ballots cast. The “no” was easily imposed. Just over 600 votes favored the unionization initiative.

The scrutiny began this Thursday after practically two whole weeks of discussions between the company and the unionists about each vote’s validity. This process was done manually and voting by closed-door suffrage.

The count lasted until Friday. Each side has about a week to challenge the results before the National Labor Relations Board ( NLRB ) certifies the result. However, it is expected that the union will not initially recognize the will of the workers, appeal the vote, and accuse Amazon of violating the legal restrictions governing unionization campaigns.

Amazon, anticipating these accusations, said that it followed the law in its communication with employees before and during the elections.

According to Forbes, the firm led by Bezos – the richest man in the world – is the second-largest employer in the country, only behind the Walmart hypermarket chain. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has skyrocketed both its activity and its profits. It has hired tens of thousands of new workers.

The vote aroused the interest of both the markets and the Alabama and Washington authorities and was widely followed throughout the country. These results put an end to a controversial union campaign that lasted several months and attracted national attention, as it would have resulted in the first union in an Amazon facility in the United States.

Amazon claimed that most of its employees did not want a union – confirmed at the polls – and claimed that it already offered above-average wages and benefits.

During the Coronavirus epidemic, Amazon launched an unusual wave of ship-to-ship jobs, averaging 1,400 a day in the first ten months of the year.

The hires took place at its headquarters in Seattle, in its hundreds of storage centers in suburban cities, in rural communities in the US, and in different countries worldwide, from India to Italy. The company joined 427,300 employees between January and October, expanding its global workforce to more than 1.2 million, up 50 percent from a year ahead. Its number of employees is close to the population of Dallas, Texas.