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Another day, another postponement as more St Louis Cardinals test positive

Another day, another postponement as more St Louis Cardinals test positive

Major League Baseball has postponed Saturday’s game between the St Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers after more members of the visiting Cardinals tested positive for Covid-19, according to multiple reports.

At least four more members of the St Louis organization were discovered to have returned positive tests on Saturday morning, one day after Friday’s series opener was canceled due to two Cardinals players testing positive.

According to an ESPN report, MLB commissioner has told players union’ executive Tony Clark that baseball could shut down for the season if it doesn’t do a better job of managing the coronavirus. The scuttling of Friday afternoon’s Cardinals-Brewers game meant six major league clubs – or 20% of MLB’s 30 teams – were idle on the day as a result of the pandemic. Two other scheduled games involving the Miami Marlins, Washington Nationals, Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies were postponed due to the fallout from positive tests.

MLB said Thursday it was updating its coronavirus safety measures after a 19th member of the Marlins organization tested positive for Covid-19 – 17 players and two backroom staff – less than a week after all 30 clubs opened a shortened, delayed season in empty stadiums.The Marlins’ outbreak, which first came to light on Monday after the team played a three-game series on the road against the Phillies, prompted MLB to postpone all of the NL East club’s games through at least Sunday amid doubts the team will be able to reopen its season as planned Tuesday at home.

On a bright note after a nightmarish week, the Marlins received no new positive results in their latest round of coronavirus testing, a person familiar with the situation said Saturday, but second baseman Isan Diaz opted out of the season.

The Phillies, meanwhile, said Saturday they had no new positives from tests a day before. Players were permitted to access Citizens Bank Park for staggered workouts beginning in the afternoon.

The person discussing the Marlins spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the tests had not been released publicly. At least 21 members of the Marlins’ traveling party have been infected by an outbreak at the start of a season-opening trip.

The team hasn’t played since Sunday in Philadelphia but hopes to resume games next week.

Diaz consistently tested negative while the season was on hold, but he decided to become the first Miami player to opt out. He played in two of the Marlins’ three games before their season was halted.

Diaz batted .173 as a rookie last year, but the organization has big hopes regarding his potential.

The infected Marlins players and staff left Philadelphia in sleeper buses Friday for Miami, where they will stay together in quarantine. The rest of the team remained in isolation at a hotel in Philadelphia.

The schedules of the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles have also been scrambled. Cleveland players and staff talked about postponing Friday night’s game at Minnesota. The Cardinals had played at Target Field on Wednesday, a day before the Indians arrived.