Apple’s latest iPhones support a new WiFi standard that’s faster and better — but you don’t need to rush and buy a new router

The new Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max all support the new standard in WiFi, called "WiFi 6."

WiFi 6 is also technically known as "802.11ax," but we're happy to simply call it WiFi 6, the name given to it by the WiFi Alliance. That way, it's clearer that WiFi 6 is the sixth-generation WiFi standard.

Like any new generation of anything, WiFi 6 is designed to deliver better performance while addressing some of the issues from a previous generation, called "AC."

You should also keep in mind that WiFi 6 on the iPhone 11 will only work if it's connected to a router that supports WiFi 6. For many, that would mean buying a whole new router, but it might not be an absolute necessity at home.

Check out how WiFi 6 on the new iPhones could make your WiFi experience better:

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