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Apple’s new subscription gaming service launches September 19 and costs $5 per month (AAPL)

Apple’s new subscription gaming service launches September 19 and costs $5 per month (AAPL)

Apple's first-ever video game subscription service, Apple Arcade, is scheduled to arrive on September 19.

The service was given a release date and a $5 per month price during Apple's annual iPhone announcement event in Cupertino, California.

Additionally, Apple unveiled its first big exclusive games coming to Apple Arcade.

The first, "Frogger in Toy Town," is a fresh take on the gaming classic "Frogger":

The first game Apple unveiled on Tuesday afternoon was a new "Frogger" game from Konami, named "Frogger in Toy Town."


The second is a completely new game from the Japanese publishing giant Capcom, named "Shinkensai: Into the Depths."

It's an underwater exploration game that looks completely unique from Capcom, a company most well-known for major franchises like "Street Fighter" and "Monster Hunter."


And finally, the third big exclusive game shown off is named "Sayonara Wildhearts."

It appears to be a kind of "Blade Runner" take on the "Temple Run" concept:


When Apple Arcade launches on September 19, it will gets its own dedicated tab within Apple's ubiquitous App Store.

The subscription gaming service offers access to "over 100" games across your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. Unlike some of the other gaming subscription services, Apple Arcade isn't streaming based — you'll download games from its library directly to your Apple device, and they'll be playable online and offline.

The big question surrounds the content that will be included in the service — Apple says it plans to unveil more games in the coming weeks. Of note: Every game on Apple Arcade is required to run on iPhone, which limits the size and the types of games available.