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Ariana Grande Secretly Sending Cash to Fans Who’ve Lost Work

Ariana Grande Secretly Sending Cash to Fans Who’ve Lost Work

Ariana Grande‘s well aware of the plight of many of her fans amid the coronavirus pandemic, and she’s answering calls for help by sending some of them cash to get through these tough times … TMZ has learned.

Several sources have told us … the pop star’s been communicating on the regular with her fans on social media, who’ve opened up about financial struggles — like not being able to pay upcoming bills — because they’ve lost their retail or service industry jobs for the time being.

We’re told in at least 10 instances — maybe more — Ariana had connected with fans who’ve lost their jobs and sent them a cash donation … via Venmo.

Fans have told us they’ve received Venmo payments ranging from $500 to $1,500 … and it’s something she’s been doing on the down-low the past few days.

Our sources say Grande’s donations seem to be random luck of the draw based on her Twitter interactions … other than that, she’s focusing on those really in a pinch and out of work. She’s especially sympathetic to people who have lost their job in the retail industry.

One guy apparently got some Venmo money shortly after telling Grande he was short on rent for April because he was no longer pulling in a paycheck.

It’s an incredibly kind gesture, but Ariana’s going to have way too many potential donations candidates soon, based on the new jobless report … more than 2 and a half MILLION Americans are expected to file for unemployment.