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BlackRock’s global head of active equities data has left the $6.9 trillion asset manager

The global head of data for active equities at the world's largest asset manager has left, Business Insider has learned.

Paul Booth, who served in the role at BlackRock since April 2017, has left the $6.94 trillion New York-based asset manager, according sources familiar with the matter. Booth stepped down from his role to take a job at another large global investment firm, according to one of the sources.

Booth was responsible for helping BlackRock source, build, and evaluate data for the asset manager's fundamental and scientific active equities businesses, according to his LinkedIn profile. 

Strategy around how to manage and use data has taken center stage on Wall Street. With artificial intelligence tools relying on large swaths of data, firms have had to consider what to do with the massive amount of information that passes through their organizations. 

In May, Business Insider reported on BlackRock's plans to expand its AI Labs group by hiring a senior data scientist, among other roles, to focus on projects such as building out new lending platforms and automating human tasks. 

A spokesperson for BlackRock did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Booth declined to comment. 

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Booth joined BlackRock in February 2016 as the Americas director of research for data and analytics for equities, according to his LinkedIn. Prior to that, he spent over 12 years at Citi, working in various roles within the research department. 

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