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Blast Off With These 25 Facts About Apollo 13

Blast Off With These 25 Facts About Apollo 13

“Houston, we have a problem.”

One of the all-time great lines from any movie, let alone Tom Hanks‘ estimable body of work, and one that swiftly transcended the film it came from to become a catch-all phrase applied to any issue, however major or minor.

But the problem that drives the action in Apollo 13 was a real life-or-death turn of events for the three astronauts aboard the 1970 lunar mission of the same name, and the inherent suspense in how their myriad seemingly impossible problems got solved is what made the Ron Howard-directed movie so good when it came out in 1995—and still so watchable (and somehow still suspenseful) 25 years later.

Even if you already knew what happened before you ever saw it!