BMW’s new armored SUV can protect against AK-47 bullets. explosives, and drone attacks — here’s how

BMW has created the new X5 Protection VR6, a security vehicle built on the body of a BMW X5.

The automaker claims the car offers customized protection for "private people" via the car's armor plating and security glazing.

The vehicle has the same driving characteristics, design, and interior as the production model X5. But unlike the original production model, the X5 Protection has an armor plating of high-strength steel, multilayered safety glass, an intercom, and an attack alarm system.

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Despite these protective upgrades, the automaker claims the vehicle appears "anonymous" and conventional. The additional weight of the protective armor and gear doesn't affect its driving capabilities, BMW says. Driving aspects, such as the suspension and brakes on the X5 Protection VR6, have been aligned to the increased weight.

According to the automaker, the car can protect against AK-47 bullets, hand grenades, and a drone strike. The vehicles also have integrated "Post Blast Protective Technology", which allows the windows to remain in position after an explosives blast.

Take a closer look at the BMW X5 Protection VR6:

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