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Boeing’s CEO returns to Capitol Hill for another day of testimony over the 737 Max — here’s what’s happening

Following a day of criticism and pointed questions from senators on the Commerce Committee, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg is returning to Capitol Hill to appear in front of the House Committee on Transportation.

Tuesday's Senate appearance was his first public testimony since the two jets crashed in October 2018 and in March. Each flight crashed within minutes of taking off. A combined 346 people were killed. Both crashes have been attributed to an automated system known as MCAS, or Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System.

The system, which was designed to compensate for the fact that the Max had larger engines than previous versions of the 737, could be triggered by a single faulty angle-of-attack sensor. When it activated erroneously, it could point the jet's nose down toward the ground, potentially causing it to crash.

Senators focused on questions about what Boeing knew before the crashes, and how the FAA allowed the plane to be certified. There was also a focus on internal messages between Boeing employees discussing issues with MCAS.

Check back here for live updates from today's House hearing.