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Brazilian journalists are suing Bolsonaro for taking off his mask near them as he announced he had COVID-19

Brazilian journalists are suing Bolsonaro for taking off his mask near them as he announced he had COVID-19

Jair Bolsonaro seen in a TV broadcast on Tuesday, just after taking off his mask in the presence of journalists.

An association of Brazilian journalists is suing President Jair Bolsonaro after he removed his mask near them while giving a statement on his coronavirus infection.

On Tuesday, Bolsonaro told journalists from TV Brasil, CNN, and TV Record that he had tested positive for COVID-19 and was taking the controversial treatment hydroxychloroquine.

A the end of the statement, Bolsonaro took a few steps back, took off his microphone, and took off his mask to wave and smile to the cameras.

You can see the footage here:

Ain, Bolsonaro tirou a máscara! Os jornaleiros editam o vídeo e da zoom pra não mostrar a distância, e o cuidado que ele teve antes de tirar a máscara! #ForçaBolsonaro

— Lu Sapori🇧🇷🇧🇷 (@ALLuSapore) July 7, 2020

The Brazilian Press Association (ABI) said later on Tuesday that it will sue Bolsonaro in the Supreme Court for “endangering” journalists, the Latin American Herald Tribune reported, citing ABI president Paulo Jeronimo de Sousa.

“Despite knowing he was infected with COVID-19, President Jair Bolsonaro continues to act in a criminal manner and endanger the lives of others,” de Sousa said.

De Sousa said Bolsonaro broke Article 131 and Article 132 of the penal code, which prohibit transmitting a disease to someone else and exposing others to danger respectively.

Bolsonaro also “broke the isolation recommended by the doctors,” de Sousa said. Health authorities around the world have urged people who test positive for the coronavirus, or who experience coronavirus symptoms, to self-isolate for at least seven days.

The gesture is symbolic of Bolsonaro’s reluctance to take the coronavirus seriously.

He has called the virus “a little flu” and said of his country’s mortality rate that “death is everyone’s destiny.

Meanwhile, Brazil is one of the worst-hit countries in the world.

As of Wednesday 1.7 million people have contracted the virus, and 68,000 have died, according to a tracker from the Globo news outlet.

The government has sought to reduce the amount of information about new cases available to the public, and is pressing ahead with an end to lockdown despite astronomically high numbers of daily new cases.

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