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Britney Spears Former Photographer Is Worried About The Star — Reads Letter She Wrote Saying She Has ‘No Rights’

Britney Spears Former Photographer Is Worried About The Star — Reads Letter She Wrote Saying She Has ‘No Rights’

Britney Spears’ latest Instagram posts have been causing concern among her worried fans. To make things even tenser, her former photographer has gone viral on Tik Tok where he reveals a letter that Spears allegedly wrote long ago.

In the letter, the troubled star claims that she has no rights. She also slammed her ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Andrew Gallery worked on Britney’s documentary over a decade ago.

He started the video explaining his connection to Britney and how they became close friends in 2009. He claims that that was when Spears gave him a letter that she wanted him to read.

Andrew explained that the handwritten letter was destroyed but he has a copy that was made.

The alleged letter that was published by the Daily Mail last year read: ‘After reading Kevin’s article in People I was amazed at how a lot of the focus was on Britney their mother to sell a story for People magazine, instead of the focus being on Kevin. What happened to Britney was a year ago and people need to get with the times. And as far as Kevin saying Britney divorced him, she was forced to by her lawyers b/c she went to visit him in N.Y and he wouldn’t see her and the children and her lawyers said if she doesn’t divorce him he’s going to do it himself. So Kevin trying to play the innocent victim is hardly irelavent [sic]. He left her and the babies.’

The note, which was written in third person, went on to address an incident from 2008.

‘Her behavior when her children got taken away b/c of her locking herself in the bathroom is understandable considering her friend at the door kept telling her the cops are leaving don’t worry stay in the bathroom. She was lied to and set up. Her children were taken away and she did spin out of control which any mother would in those circumstances. Her next visit took a toll as well she wasn’t listening to her manager – he lost control so he wanted to scare her.’

She went on that the people over her conservatorship made $3 million just in that year. She added that she was silenced when she wanted to speak on what was really going on.

The heartbreaking letter ended with a plea for fresh eyes to look at her case so she can get the treatment she deserves.