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Cardi B Confirms That She Doesn’t Have Coronavirus Despite Fan Rumors

Cardi B Confirms That She Doesn’t Have Coronavirus Despite Fan Rumors

Cardi B visited the hospital recently and fans were concerned she may have contracted the coronavirus. The rapper, however, took to her social media to confirm that she never actually got COVID-19, and was in the hospital for another reason.

According to Page Six, Cardi B confirmed she went to the emergency room on Wednesday but later revealed she was dealing with gastrointestinal issues, rather than COVID-19 – as some fans thought. On her Instagram Live this Thursday, Cardi B stated she’s been “very f*cking sick” for the last week.

The rapper stated she took a pregnancy test because she was throwing up too. The artist joked, “cause a b*tch never f*cking knows.” The 27-year-old explained that her pain was so bad that she had to call her doctor to try and get a house call.

However, her doctor told her they weren’t allowed to visit people’s homes at the moment on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. They told her to drink ginger tea instead. According to the performing artist, she’s been in LA for the last few weeks and her eating habits have been unusual.

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The vast majority of her food has been ordered from restaurants because all of her chefs are gone away, and they were too expensive anyway. It’s clear Cardi B was feeling a little under the weather because she claimed she didn’t eat for four days in a row.

As for how the rumors all started, Cardi claims she went to the hospital, despite not wanting too, and then the press picked up on it and went public with the news. Cardi B also addressed the fact that she warned the United States about the coronavirus around a month ago.

As it was previously reported, Cardi B uploaded a viral video last month in which she expressed concern over the impact of the coronavirus and how it could potentially travel to the United States. The star went on to say that it was going to get “real,” and it sure did.

The United States is currently under quarantine right now, with many major cities on lockdown, especially the hardest-hit metropolitan areas like New York City.