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Cardi B Responds To Rah Ali’s Accusations That Offset Has Been ‘Texting’ Other Women!

Cardi B Responds To Rah Ali’s Accusations That Offset Has Been ‘Texting’ Other Women!

Cardi B may have been cheated on by her current husband, Offset, but nowadays, their marriage is solid and she trusts him a hundred percent! That being said, when LHH:NY’s Rah Ali accused the Migos rapper of texting other women, the female emcee was quick to clap back, defending him!

It’s no secret that Cardi and Offset are in quarantine just like everyone else!

So, has their permanent close proximity caused some trouble in paradise?

This is what the Love and Hip Hop star claims!

It all started with Rah Ali tweeting her nemesis Cardi to tell her to‘Get off twitter sneak dissing, your husband’s in the other room on that video game, texting h**s again.’

In a since deleted tweet, Cardi clapped back, writing: ‘NOBODY IS SNEAK DISSING I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU. Let’s not talk about husbands because I will put your whole situation on blast. I dm you if you wanna deal s**t like women! dc what you post about me. DON’T POST LIES. That’s not how you brand.’

It seems like this whole exchange was sparked by another, more ambiguous tweet from Cardi that read: ‘I understand b*tches don’t like me but to put a whole fake tweet about me trying to start sh*t.’

Reading this and knowing their history, Rah Ali’s attack makes sense.

As for Cardi’s clap back, it only managed to upset the other even more, the Love and Hip Hop cast member accepting the challenge.

She also claimed that Cardi’s ‘lame friend’ had already attempted that so Cardi should just ‘give [her] best shot’ at his point.

However, Rah warned the other rapper that it will only lead to her making a complete ‘mockery’ out of Cardi, no matter what she does.

But Cardi was not scared to continue the exchange, threatening Rah in yet another deleted tweet.

‘You sure you wanna test it? Cause I got receipts of you and so and so in the ATL? Anyways like I said I dm you if you wanna settle it like a woman. If you haven’t write back so are you just doing this for attention? DONT GIVE A F*CK if you post about me JUST DON’T POST LIES!’

Once again, the LHH star assured Cardi that she is ‘POSITIVE!’