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Catherine Giudici: A Day in My Life

Catherine Giudici: A Day in My Life

Despite having millions of followers on social media, the Bachelor alum’s day-to-day schedule includes balancing her three children with husband Sean Lowe and their many businesses.

“Sean and I love working together,” Giudici, 34, exclusively tells Us Weekly of managing their Wayfair “Home Collection” and luxury stationery and paper goods company, LoweCo. “We always have so much fun brainstorming ideas and seeing them come to life. LoweCo. has been such a labor of love for me and I’m so excited about what 2021 will bring.”

But when the work day is over, the busy mama dedicates most of her time to Samuel, 4, Isaiah, 2 and 12-month-old Mia.

“I absolutely love my morning time with Mia,” the 34-year-old gushes. “She’s always so happy and bubbly when she wakes up, and it’s such a precious time together.”

The family of five love playing outdoors as well. “Living in Texas, we can usually get outside for some fresh air year-round,” explains the graphic designer. “Sean and I are both kids at heart, so it’s always so fun to run around and just be free with our children.”

While things can get hectic with little ones around the house, Giudici also believes alone time is crucial for her mental health.

“Self care is so important and I try to squeeze in exercise whenever I can,” she admits. “I love good ol’ cardio — but even just 15-20 minutes of something like meditation or yoga goes a long way for me.”

And it seems working out, as well as eating right, has benefited her physically too! On Tuesday, January 12, Giudici revealed via Instagram that she had lost 20 pounds after Mia’s birth in December 2019 through Nutrisystem.

She captioned the side-by-side photo of her before and after results: “I’m feeling so grateful for my health.”

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