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Chad Michael Murray Posts The Sweetest Birthday Message For His ‘One Tree Hill’ Co-Star Hilarie Burton

Chad Michael Murray Posts The Sweetest Birthday Message For His ‘One Tree Hill’ Co-Star Hilarie Burton

Diehard fans of One Tree Hill were really happy to see Chad Michael Murray paying the sweetest tribute to former co-star Hilarie Burton on her birthday! As you know, the two portrayed fan-favorites Lucas and Peyton on the beloved show.

The characters the two actors played were also high school sweethearts and it looks like they are still really close friends so many years after the show came to an end!

That being said, Chad Michael Murray took to social media to share a collage of many great moments they shared both on screen and in real life throughout their years of friendship.

The walk on memory lane was definitely great but what touched the fans even more was the message he included in the caption!

‘Happy Birthday to this mega-talented, heartwarming, always giving SUPER HUMAN that I’m blessed to call a friend- @hilarieburton We’re slowly but surely watching each other grow up. Keep making this world a better place! Love to the whole Morgan clan. From – ‘The Murray’s,’’ the actor wrote. Aww….

Burton, who is now 38 years old, took to the comment section to thank her old friend and co-star for the amazing words.

Not only that, but she also shared some memories about the good old days and how far they’ve come since!

‘Chad!!! My god, remember when we were ornery kids who knew everything?!?! It has been decades now. We’ve both been many different people, varying versions of ourselves, both good and bad. I love this version the best. Parents, trading pics of our spawn and loving each other’s spouses. Love you and that beautiful family, buddy!! Miss you guys. Xo,’ the actress wrote.

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Throw back Thursday. Yesterday was a good day. All the birthday affection was really touching. (Thank you for all the sweetness!) A friend from high school sent me this picture of me as a little kid. I must have given it to them over 20 years ago, back when people still traded actual photos. That little girl’s mood is still 100% relevant! Thirty-seven ended with Gus giving me a sleeve of tattoos and @jeffreydeanmorgan spoiling me with pizza party and flowers and 4different kinds of cake and sparkly prizes. My cup runneth over. I kind of hated for this year to end. Because so many dreams come true for me last year. Jeffrey and I wanted to finally get married. Prayer answered. I’d worked for years on my book #ruraldiaries and hoped it would do well. Prayer answered. I’d had a bad work experience where I’d been hired as a producer and my request for diversity was blown off. So I’d put it into the universe that I wanted something the total opposite. Guess what? @nbccouncilofdads was a prayer answered. A call out of the blue. A gift that I got to meet and work with and become friends with this pack of amazing humans. When Covid hit and we went into lockdown, all of these people rallied for me here in NY. They raised money for my local hospital. @jaugustrichards sent his personal masks to my friend at a nursing facility. They stayed in touch and supported. And when the protests began, it was even stronger….this family, rallying together. Tonight’s episode at 8pm is the series finale. It’s extremely bittersweet, because I can’t understand why a show this diverse and heartfelt isn’t a priority. But I take from it friendships that I know will be lifelong. Thankfully, there will always be streaming. And so this one season of the Perry family will always be one of my answered prayers. Can’t wait to make more magic with each and every one of them. Xoxo #councilofdads @tvphelan @joanrater

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Murray was not the only one from the cast to mark her special day, however.

Tyler Hilton, who portrayed Chris Keller on the show, also shared his best wishes on Burton’s birthday!