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Charlie Puth Reveals He “Almost Died Twice” on Tour

Charlie Puth Reveals He “Almost Died Twice” on Tour

This admission got our attention.

Over the past three years, Charlie Puth has been hitting the road to tour his hit music, but according to a candid new interview from the 27-year-old performer, things were not going well behind the scenes.

During an appearance on Lorraine, the star was asked if he'll be hitting the road again with his upcoming third studio album, due out early next year. While a tour sounds likely, Puth admitted he didn't always like doing it.

"I used to get sick a lot on tour," he shared. "I almost died twice, like literally."

The Grammy nominee continued, "It was really tough. I kept getting sick. I was sick for like a year with a cold and I just wasn't really taking care of myself."