Chris Wondolowski served his one-game MLS suspension shirtless in the stands with a mob of fans

Chris Wondolowski was serving a red card suspension on Wednesday night, but that didn't keep him from supporting his club as much as he was permitted by the MLS.

During the match between Wondolowski's San Jose Earthquakes and the Philadelphia Union, Wondo gave up his uniform for the day in favor of a supporter's shirt, joining the home crowd and cheering on his teammates from the stands.

That shirt didn't stay on him for long. When the Earthquakes scored the opening goal of the match, Wondolowski quickly ripped it off and waved it over his head, establishing himself as one of the wildest fans in attendance.

Had Wondolowski been on the pitch and torn his shirt off, he would have gotten a yellow card for the violation. However, there are no referees in the stands, so he was able to go about his shenanigans without an official's disapproval.

The Earthquakes opening goal would, unfortunately, prove not enough, as the Union came back to win the match 2-1, pushing San Jose just outside of taking a playoff spot with two games remaining to rejoin the fray.

Regardless of how the Quakes' season ends, Wondolowski's celebration was one to remember.

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