Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Son Miles Has an Adorable Swiffer Obsession

Kids love the simple things. Take Miles Stephens, for example. He doesn't need extravagant toys to have fun. All he needs is a good Swiffer!

Mama Chrissy Teigen shared the absolute sweetest photo of her 17-month-old son on Instagram on Tuesday night, showing off his obsession with the cleaning product. "Not an ad but he will find this thing ANYWHERE we go and if you take it away he will freak the f*@k out," she captioned the shot.

The photo shows little Miles sporting overalls, a bandana and flip-flops, while holding a Swiffer twice his size and a look on his face that can only be described as, "What?"

As for the shoes, don't come for them. "Don't make fun of his flops," Chrissy warned in a follow-up comment. "He loves them." Like we said, kids love the simple things!

Fans and friends of the famous family alike are now flooding the post with comments gushing over how cute Miles is.

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