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Ciara And Russell Wilson’s Backyard Shocks People – Check Out Their Video

Ciara And Russell Wilson’s Backyard Shocks People – Check Out Their Video

It’s been recently revealed that Ciara and Russell Wilson are expecting a baby boy. The couple made the announcement from their backyard, according to some of the fans who’ve seen the genre reveal celebration.

The Shade Room reposted the clip, and people are shocked to see the gorgeous backward of the family.

Check out the video below, and you’ll see for yourselves what’s this all about.

Someone asked: ‘Is that their BACKYARD 🌴 🙌🏽’ and one otheer follower was amazed and said: ‘The yard looks like they on vacation in Aruba😂 congratulations 🙌❤️ god bless.’

A commenter posted this: ‘After being in a bad relationship then find love like this is a great feeling,’ and someone else said: ‘I’m sorry. I admired her legs the whole time. What is this video about?’

A follower gushed over Russell and said: ‘Yay I’m so happy for Russell. I’m sure he loves Future but there is nothing like a man having his own son.’

A commenter said: ‘He’s about to play every sport there is!!!! Congratulations!!!’ and someone else asked: ‘Is that their house? It looks like a golf course. They don’t have to worry about social distancing! nobody lives near them.’

A happy fan exclaimed: ‘Awwww yes! A baby Russell! We needed another little boy to come up under Russell’s leadership and parenting. Two sons and a daughter. I love it. Congrats to the Russell Family.’

Someone posted this message: ‘When you mind yo business and keep your mouth closed to drama. These folks are what you call a prosperous life. Walking in effortless Blessings.’

Currently, Ciara and Russell are taking good care of two children together, Future Zahir Wilburn and Sienna Princess Wilson.

As it was previously reported, Ciara announced she was having a baby at the start of the year, in January.